Q) What is a "Percentage American Aberdeen"?

A) A cross between a Fullblood American Aberdeen and another breed of cattle- can be 1/2 Lowline
up to 3/4 lowline is called a Percentage American Aberdeen.

Q) Can I breed up to Fullblood status? Does Purebred mean the same as Fullblood?

A) No. Fullblood animals are completely 100% American Aberdeen DNA traced back to the original Australian herds.
Purebred will never be 100% American Aberdeen as it will always have some trace of another breed in its pedigree.

Q) Why American Aberdeens?

A) American Aberdeen were developed to finish on grass, making them less expensive to raise. Their size allows for more cattle per acre, increasing profitability. The real question is ‘Why not American Aberdeens?’

Q) Are they dwarfs?

A) American Aberdeens are descendants of standard size Angus. They are in perfect proportion, just smaller. They are not dwarfs.

Q) Are American Aberdeens novelty cattle?

A) American Aberdeens are a beef cattle. They were developed to provide efficiencies to the beef industry, which ultimately increases profitability to the rancher.

Q) What is different between Red and Black other than color?

A) Basically the color is the main difference however the red does have an advantage in warmer climates as the black feel about 10 degrees hotter than the red on a warm sunny day. The black tend to go find shade while the red keep grazing longer. Also the red American Aberdeens are much more rare and unique among the American Aberdeen breed. We breed both red and black as some  prefer red and some prefer black.

Q) I don't live close so how do I get a cow or calf to my location after I have purchased it?

A) We will work with you to find the most efficient way to get the animal to your location.

Q) Are these animals halter broke?

A) We try to halter break all of our calves for easy handling  and possibly showing.